Goodmorning world! I hope u woke up on the rite side of the bed and r ready to give today this biggest hi-five ever. If u woke up on the wrong side of the bed, that is a-okay just keep your chin up and remember that there are tons of amazing things in the world that u can smile about. Like this puffin here. luv u guys!
Hey guys. Here is the UN-photoshopped version of Erik J Skinner’s photo. Me just havin a grand ole time with my camera. #staybased
shouts out to my awesome Aunt! And to my sister. And to Chicago! #windy #chicity #whoop
BD360 crew terrorizing the streets of Palo Alto on the ‘cushman’ golf cart. #DreamTeam #bdworld
Number 1 in life and number 1 in your hearts. #number1 #1 #tryandtopme
an extremely rare sighting of Logan Shillinglemon. You will definitely want to collect this one. #rare